Friday, September 4, 2009

Pictures and Advice Needed

Advice Needed:

I need help with diaper changes. Every diaper change last night, Jacob decided to pee just as I was wrapping up with the change and I wasted a diaper every time (4 times).

When I am changing, I put a new diaper under his bum before I take off the old one which then when he pees gets on the new diaper before I have a chance to put it on him, thus going to 2 diapers at every change. When I didn't put a diaper under him, yesterday happened...

Anyone have a better idea about how to change without wasting diapers and without getting the pee all over the changing pad and him?


  1. Love all the new pics.. very fun! As far as the peeing thing goes..hmm! In the beginning I just undid the diaper but left it on for a second to allow some air to hit him, as often he would pee once he felt the cool air, then proceed to take it off and put the new one on. Are you changing his diaper right after you feed him, if you are noticing a pee pattern I would wait a little longer inbetween changes then? Hope that helps!

  2. I agree...wait a minute or so...most kids pee when the air hits them, especially boys (so I hear). Otherwise, buy stock in Huggies! : ) Welcome to motherhood!!!!!