Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Our little man slept last night from 11pm t0 3:30am and then again from 4:30-9:20. I know it won't last but it was great only having to get up once to feed and change. I was debating about waking him this morning as it was nearing 6hrs since the last feeding and then he woke up. He has been waking for feedings now so I am trying to just go by his schedule. I think we are only getting in 7 feedings in a day but he seems to be doing well and is getting chubby! Will be interesting to see how much he weighs at his doctor's appointment next week. He usually goes 2-4 hrs between feedings. Also last night we again swaddled him (we hadn't for a few days) and I think he slept longer because of it. I swaddled him during the afternoon yesterday and he slept for 4.5 hrs. Oh and he is also sleeping in his crib and Devin and I are getting much better sleep. I know we are entirely lucky and blessed to have such a calm, sleepy baby. Thank you Father God for this little boy!

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  1. Oh what a good stage you are at, where he will let you get some sleep and wake up when he is hungry! Enjoy, glad he is sleeping great for you. I thought for awhile Justice didn't like being swaddled but I swear by it and google "bat wings" if you need a good swaddle to keep his arms in!