Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Devin and I like to be spontaneous (like when we decided the day before to fly to San Fran for a long weekend and then again, a last minute flight to Vegas). We decided Saturday morning to head to Leavenworth, WA for the weekend. Devin's cousin Stephanie just gave birth to little Silas Oscar Kane. We visited with Devin's aunt and cousins and got to see brand new baby Silas, while they got a chance to see Jacob for the first time. We stayed overnight in Leavenworth and spent Sunday walking the riverfront, visiting the shops, and eating ice cream.

It was a little more difficult to be spontaneous with a new baby but Jacob did great. He did great in the car, the ride was just a little long with a 45min stop for nursing. The night in the hotel was interesting as we didn't want to disturb the other guests with a crying baby (translation- we were up much of the night holding, rocking, walking, feeding, and changing in efforts to keep Jacob from crying too much) and he did pretty well. It was in the high 80's to mid 90's on Sunday walking around the town. We put Jacob in the bjorn. He was a little small but slept almost the whole time in it, course the heat helped with the sleeping. The restaurants and shops with air conditioning were a life saver for cooling off and for feeding. Jacob was pooped and slept most of the way home, with a stop for feeding of course. Overall, the spontaneous trip with a 3 week old was a success. I now feel much more comfortable going out and planning future outings.

Silas Oscar Kane, 5lbs 10oz & 19 inches long

Proud Momma & Poppa

Jacob (3 weeks old) & Silas (1 day old)

Leavenworth riverfront

Enjoying a cool beverage and cooling off
Gotta love air conditioning
Diaper change on the bench
Nursing in the restaurant
Strolling downtown
Tired, hot baby. Absolutely pooped!

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