Wednesday, April 1, 2009

18 Weeks - Our little Sweet Potato

This week our little one is mastering yawning and hiccupping. Our baby also has unique fingerprints. Amazing. Our little one is also moving quite a bit, rolling, twisting, kicking and punching. I think I even felt it move the other night. Crazy, there really is a baby in there. It's such a surreal thing.

I am feeling well. Little less tired than before. My belly is definitely growing. My one pair of maternity pants are getting lots of use. I went shopping with my sister and Mom, but all the pants were too big. I guess I'll have to get by for a few more weeks. Here is a picture of my belly.

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  1. Callie - you are lookin absolutely adorable!!! You are almost to the half way point :-o)