Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Max!

Devin's sister, Keri and her husband Ian, just gave birth to their second boy this morning. Max Hunter Schumacher. Max was a little big and a little stubborn in coming out which made for a difficult labor. Max was 10lbs 7oz and 21 inches long.

(The picture isn't the best but it's all we have for now.)
Baby is doing well, Mom is a little sore but doing well.
Congrats Keri, Ian and big brother Alec.

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  1. Hi Callie!Congrats to you, Devin, Keri, Ian and Alec on the new arrival. Nice blog. Beautiful photographs. God is Great. Let us pray for peace for the world. Let us protect our planet for our children from pollution. Wish you all the best.