Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have start to do some research on baby products (strollers and cribs). I am finding this all very overwhelming as there about a billion choices out there. So many more choices than just at Babies R Us or Target. How do you pick the right one? Do you just buy something over the internet based on reviews without looking at it? How many strollers do I need? Do I need a jogger and another full size stroller or can I get away with just a jogger and small one the car seat fits into? And cribs, drop down or not drop down? Does anyone have a recommendation on a crib or stroller that they use or maybe wished they had?


  1. If you're planning on getting a jogging stroller, you'll definitely want another one. I would suggest a Graco. They have a big basket that is great for all the stuff you'll be carrying around, plus they fold down really easily with one hand. I could even get it into the car with one hand holding an infant in the other. I am talented I know.

    Cribs its up to you. We never had a drop down side and I thought it was fine. You just adjust the height of the mattress, but I know some people love the drop down side. Just pick a style you like. They're basically all the same. You definitely don't need the most expensive one.

    Are you in the midst of registering??? Let me know if you want any advice from me.

    Love ya.

  2. I recommend that you go with what's pretty. Will it match your shoes?

  3. my friends love the "BOB" stroller - it is the one to have i guess!

  4. Hi Callie - I would say with as much as you two do outside a jogger and a small stroller for the car. We had just the small stroller and would carry Kylie with us. Made for some strong arms.
    As for the crib - we did the moses basket for a couple of weeks (especially for naps) and had a covertible crib (crib - toddler bed - full size bed). The sides went down and the mattress adjusted. We really didn't do alot of reasearch, just went with what we thought was pretty and affordable.
    Hope this helps. And let me know where you register at would love to pick up a little something for you and the little one :)
    Take care

  5. I would highly recommend a video monitor.. they are the very best!! It makes you rest easier (as much as possible) as you can see your sweet one and not have to go in the room and possibly wake them as you are a nervous wreck, you can let them sleep and still indulge yourself!
    Craiglist is a great way to get great stuff that is gently used and save alot of money, they don't care what things look like, so don't worry about it too much, but nice stuff is good you know!

  6. Hi. I found your blog through My Charming Kids.

    I used this car seat and LOVED it!

    I loved that it could hold a larger baby so that I could get plenty of use out of it. If you have LATCH in your vehicle, installation is a breeze! I used a Graco with my oldest son and it was a pain. The Chicco literally took about 2 seconds to install. Just clip it on, put your knee on the base to push down, and pull on the strap to tighten! My son was (is) small for his age, so I used the car seat until he was 1! Talk about stretching your dollar! I did not get the matching stroller because our older son was 3.5 and the Chicco double stroller only comes in side by side. I didn't want that. I used a Graco double stroller (front to back) in the beginning. If you have one child, I've heard great things about the Chicco stroller. After our youngest was out of the infant carrier, we got a new stroller....a Phil and Ted. I love it!! I was able to put the youngest in the back and the oldest still could have a ride if he was tired from walking. He is 6 now and can still hop in for a ride if his brother is walking instead (the youngest is too big to ride in the back now). I really wish that I would have bought the Phil and Ted from the beginning!

    Good luck with your little one!