Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday.

It's sure been a while and I know you are all missing it so here goes...another Not Me! Monday.

Last week after I cut flowers from our yard and placed them beautifully on our fire place, we did not see a trail of tiny ants leading from the corner of the fireplace up directly to the flowers. We then did not directly proceed to Fred Meyer to get some raid. Nope not us. We have a perfect new house, completely bug free!

While having lunch with my hubby in the Microsoft cafeteria, I did not see 10 guys with hair in ponytails or hair long enough to be in ponytails. 10 guys! Wow.

Yesterday at Easter dinner, I did not hear my sweet little grandmother utter these words "You look like you've gotten wider."

And I have not found that I like the added bonus of maternity never have to unbutton, just pull down. Makes trips the bathroom much easier.

That's all for this edition of Not Me! Monday.


  1. Oh my, I cannot believe your G'ma said that, I don't think I had any rude or snide comments through my whole pregnancy that I can think of. Hope no one else says anything. You should be a bit wider, your baby is growing!!
    I loved the maternity pants for the exact same reasons.. they are fantastic!!

  2. I had some serious comments when I was pregnant with Jude. Things like: "You must be due any day now!" even though I had at least two months to go. Or, "You look like you're going to pop." Even better, "You must be having twins..." Don't people know that us pregnant ladies already know we're not our normal size? And why is it that usually mom's make these type of comments? They've been there! Strange...