Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our New House - Almost!

UPDATE: Good news! We are going to close tomorrow. The buyer is signing papers today and we are signing the final papers today at 5:30 so it should close tomorrow. We should still be able to keep all our moving plans and everything. Praise God for working a miracle today with this.

Just when everything seemed to be falling into place with the new house:
Our real estate agent just happened to also be selling the perfect house. The house happens to be owned by a pastor at the church we go to. They only had a limited time to sell the house as his wife is 8mo pregnant. We were able to work with our mortgage agent to make an offer non-contingent on the sale of our house cause the sellers had already been burned once with a contingent sale that didn't sell. We had 3 offers on our house, one that fell through and the one we accepted with the same closing date as the house we are buying so we didn't have to take out a second loan. We locked in at a 4.5% interest rate. We signed all the papers and were set to close 3/31.

But it turns out we didn't close yesterday. Our buyer is having trouble getting funds from the lender. The lender is asking for more documentation. All sounds a bit fishy. Our real estate agent, mortgage agent and escrow have been gotten involved to try and get things sorted out. Now we are in the process of getting a second loan, which we were already pre-approved for so we can go forward with buying our new house. It's all a bit messy and very, very, very stressful. We need some prayer that this will all still work out. We are planning on moving tomorrow and Saturday and think we will still be able to do that but....... please pray.


  1. So sorry friend...not easy at all. Remember to keep giving it to God, don't try to solve it all on your own!

  2. Yeah for the good news!!! God is good and faithful!