Wednesday, June 3, 2009

27 Weeks - Our Not so Little Anymore, Baby

No new picture this week. Our baby is now being measured head to toe around 15in instead of the crown to rump measurement of previous weeks and weighs over 2lbs now. Interestingly our baby has more taste buds now that he or she will ever have. Baby J can taste differences in the amniotic fluid depending on what I eat. I haven't felt any objections to my food choices yet! Baby J is going to have a sweet tooth just like his/her mother.

I am feeling great. Occasional heartburn but not bad so far. My feet sometimes get a little swollen but I think it's more the hot weather than the pregnancy. I have been getting out and helping Devin in the yard. Our neighbor commented that I am the most active pregnant woman she's ever seen. Gotta get done what you can when you can still do it! Our due date is 3mo minus 1day.

My next doctor's appt is next week. I will be having an ultrasound to check the position of the placenta and also doing the glucose screening test for gestational diabetes. Please pray that the placenta has moved up into a good position so I can have a regular birth and that I don't have gestational diabetes. Until next weeks baby update....

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