Wednesday, June 24, 2009

30 Weeks - Our Little Baby in 3D

30 Weeks! 3/4 of the way done. It's hard to believe that in ~2.5 months our little one will be here. This week our little one is about 17 inches long and a little over 3lbs and growing rapidly. This week our baby's brain is starting to look like a brain, forming grooves and wrinkles. These wrinkles allow for future expansion of brain tissue that is crucial for our baby to become the doctor or lawyer or computer programer he/she will someday become. Also as the brain is developing it is taking on new tasks such as temperature regulation, allowing our baby to begin
shedding the lanugo (the downy soft baby hair that has been keep baby warm). Pretty cool huh. It's amazing how our bodies develop. I am more in awe of our wonderful and amazing creator!

I am doing great, no complaints here. I do feel kind of weird, just not all the way there, most of the time. I am having issues with low blood sugar and can really tell after I have eaten a high carbohydrate meal or a sugary snack, but what is one to do. I have been feeling other normal pregnancy things like slightly swollen feet, heartburn, aches around my belly, back aches, and tiredness. I have gained 22lbs thus far. I should be gaining about 1lb per week now for about another 10lbs and I really hope not much more than that. Our baby is positioned head down but the head is way to the back. I feel the bum and feet pushing and kicking the top of my belly and getting under my ribs. I love feeling and watching the baby move.

Here are a few more pics from the 3D ultrasound for your viewing pleasure. (Our baby had his/her forehead smushed against my uterus, hence the blob looking forehead). We think our baby looks like Devin. Definitely has Devin's lips. What do you think?

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