Wednesday, June 17, 2009

29 Weeks - Our Little Squash

This week our baby is about 17inches long and around 3lbs. Our baby is close to his/her actual birth length (I was 19in), but still needs to gain a lot of weight, though hopefully not too much. At the last ultrasound our baby was around the 46th percentile for weight. At 40 weeks, the 46th percentile is in the 7lb range. That sounds pretty good to me (much better than 10lbs).

I am feeling good for the most part. A lot of times I just don't feel quite right, likely because of my blood sugar, but I am not feeling poorly. I don't feel like I am carrying a lot of weight yet. I am having a lot of stretching pains in my sides and lower abdomen area. Sharp stabbing pains, I guess it's getting me ready for labor, and thank you for epidurals. Our baby is still moving around seemingly all the time. The other morning I definitely felt a little elbow or foot sticking out for the first time. I love the feeling of our baby moving around but it is such a weird feeling as well. Weird that there is something else growing in me. Anyway, that's about it for this week. Here is a belly pic from a few days ago.