Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday again.....time for Not Me! Monday. Thing I would never ever do and would never ever blog about them even if I did do them.

I did not almost crash the car while driving because there was a bug ON me, twice. I certinaly did not scream and let go of the wheel. And my darling husband did not just laugh at me in the midst of the bug being ON me. No way. I don't scream when a bug or spider is ON me or even near me. Not me!

I did not make my husband take a bubble bath to help his very sore back. I did not put too much bubbles in the tub expecially after the jets came on and I did not take this picture of my hubby in the tub.

And with the hot weather and working outside in the yard, I have not totally let the house go to put and with all good intentions just have not been able to muster up the motivation to get it back into order. Not me, I always keep a clean house.

Oh and I did not start crying yesterday when I was trying to get the video of the deer, downloaded from the video camera onto my computer and I couldn't figure out how to do it and it was way more complicated than I thought. Not Me! I am not that emotional. I never cry for no reason.

Another Monday down. Feel free to join in. You can check out MckMama's blog for all the details and to see what she and everyone else has not been doing this week.

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