Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And the Gender Is.......

So when we did the 3d ultrasound we still decided (I decided because Devin wanted to find out) to not find out the sex but we had the ultrasound tech put the gender of the baby at the end of the video just for us. So after much discussion and mind changing, we (well I) decided to watch the video and find out the sex. Devin and I snuggled in on the couch and turned on the video. We watched til the end and I almost turned it off right before but decided to give into the temptation. We watched and......we couldn't see anything. We laughed hysterically. We analyzed the video for 2 hrs, looping it over and over and we just can't see what we are looking at. We can't make out any specific body parts to figure out what angle we are looking at. We talked about calling the ultrasound place but seems a little anticlimactic at this point so we are going to continue the waiting.


  1. Thanks alot.. I was so darn excited.. haha, I can only imagine what you felt huh!! Oh dear, more waiting, I hate waiting!!!

  2. It's a girl then!!! I knew it. Look for a hamburger looking thing...yes, a little girl's b-jamma looks like a hamburger. Funny I know. If it was a boy you would definitely see something...a third leg. : )

  3. that is SOOOOO funny! just a sign that a surprise is a good thing!!