Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I most certinaly was not unable to get out of the car on the ferry because I couldn't open my door wide enough for my big belly to fit through.

I did not simulate putting the baby in and out of the crib with a stuffed animal. Not me. I don't do such childish things.

The other night I was not going to kiss Devin, when I definatly did not burp and a little throw up came up too. Gotta love that heartburn. Not me! I would never do such a unlady-like thing.

And upon running in from the car to use the bathroom, I most certinaly did not clog the toilet. No way. I would never do such a thing!

Just a few of the things I did not do and even if I did would definatly not blog about. Arn't you glad we arn't perfect. Another not me! Monday. Check out MckMama's blog for her and everyone elses Not Me! Monday's.

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  1. over from mckmams blog... the joys of pregnancy... dont worry in just a few weeks you will be not meing about someone elses bodily functions and trust me, newborns make for some serious poop stories. hope the next few weeks of pregnancy treats you well