Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Weekend

This weekend (well Friday and Saturday), Devin and I (mostly Devin) spent the days demo-ing the back yard some more. We took down (destroyed) the potting shed, cut down 3 trees and then burned all the evidence (except for keeping firewood). Here are some pics. Can't you just see the beautiful lawn we are going to have!

Potting shed before & after

Before and after trees

Devin driving one of the two piles of branches down the road to the burn pile. We started out with a burn pile of our own in the back yard, but then the fire department came and we quickly put it out while they drove down the road and saw the neighbors burn pile and kept on going. We didn't want to chance it after that. We took it down the hill and burned it all up in a few hours along with the rest of the potting shed.

Our backyard is going to look so good!